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Established in 2001 under license No. 2052 / QĐ-BGD & ĐT-TCCB dated 27/04/2001 of the Ministry of Education and Training.
Faculty has three subjects: Information Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering.


Theoretical classroom has the audio equipment: Projector, Ampli ...

  Computer room: There are 8 connecting rooms with high speed Internet, air conditioning system.



* NETWORK SPECIALIST: Students are equipped with knowledge and skills in computer networking; ability to design, manage and maintain LAN; Design and install SWITCH and ROUTER in the corporate LAN environment with LAN & WAN architecture. Upgrading the operation of the network and organizing the security system for the company; handle network problems; Computer network management with Windows and LINUX; installation, server configuration, troubleshooting; Develop and implement computer network security policy and system; data recovery; master knowledge, build and deploy network solutions.

* INFORMATION SYSTEM: Students are equipped with knowledge and skills in databases, database management systems; Understand the method of mapping the object model to the relational data model; have knowledge of web application programming, security issues and web application security; capable of analyzing, designing the system object-oriented with the UML description language; the ability to read analyzes, design, build and develop information systems for an organization, enterprise, participate in large-scale projects; Able to work in software field such as: programmer, expert in analysis & design, project management, database management, web design & programming. ..

* SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY: Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand software processes, software implementation methods and applicability; Understand the analysis, design of software systems; capable of designing the architecture of the software system; grasp the object-oriented analysis and design methods; Understand the principles of interface design for human-machine interface; have skills to perform software quality testing; Have basic knowledge in software project management.


Learning opportunities:

    - Access to advanced curriculum, updated regularly according to the development of IT industry, completely free from lecturers.

- The team of experienced, enthusiastic, close to students.

- The appropriate learning equipment, the best for each subject.

- Access to advanced education from advanced universities in Finland, Australia, ...

- A friendly, polite, positive learning environment, participating in academic activities with the IT Club, participating in cultural and sports activities, participating in film festivals student.

Employment opportunities:

After graduation, students can become professional programmers, designers, installers, network administrators; Design, install and administer database systems on the network; Website design and management, can work in organizations, companies have applied information technology such as:

- Software companies: software development, website design, software outsourcing, ...

- Consulting companies: design consultancy on network solutions, information technology solutions for enterprises, ...

- Companies that distribute and maintain computer equipment

- The information technology development and operation department of agencies, factories, schools, banks ..., enterprises applying information technology

- Universities, colleges, professional secondary schools, research institutes and technology transfer in the information technology domain.

Internship opportunities:

       - Students in 3, 4 have the opportunity to practice, collide with the actual work at the company's strong in the field of Java technology development such as FSoft, Axon Active, KMS, TMA, ...

    - Students who have good internship results can be retained at the company after the internship.

Scholarship opportunities:

- Scholarships to encourage learning by the school on a semester basis (based on academic results).

- Scholarships are available for students who are struggling academically.

- Exemption of tuition fee for students belonging to family policy, poor households, parents orphans.

Opportunities for international student exchange:

- Participate in exchange programs with Finnish students.

100% free boarding pass:

- Opportunity to pay 100% free of boarding fees, book fees, semester fees during the course at Co May Dormitory.

Soft skill development:

- Have teamwork skills and work independently

- Have self-study skills, research

- Ability to communicate by means of electronic, multimedia

- English B1F CEFR (Europe)

- Have skills in designing, building, operating, maintaining and developing information systems for agencies, schools and enterprises.

- Have the skills to organize, deploy and manage software projects at IT companies. Apply professional and effective software development processes

Collaboration with major software companies:

- TMA Solutions

- KMS Technology Company

- Fujinet System JSC

- FPT Software Company

- SaiGonSoft Company

- Axon Active Company


- DXC Company



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