-         - Faculty of Information Technology was established in 2001 under License Number: 2052/QD-BGD dated 27/04/2001 of Ministry of Education & Training. Faculty of Information Technology started university admissionin 2002.

-         - There are four Departments: Information Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering.

- Currently, FIT has a management system in the international standards ISO 9001 - version 2000.


Training Program

-         - Advanced Training Program is constructed on the IT training programs of the Rice University, Massachusetts Institute of Technologyand other international certifications as CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE, SCJP, Aptech Programmer

-         - Regularly updated lectures and training programs suitable for the speed of IT development in Vietnam and the world.

-         - The open source development orientation: Java and the Java technology platform, PHP.

-         - Students are equipped with the latest technology to write software: AJAX, JSF, Spring, Trusts, Hibernate, UML, XML ...

-         - 80% of subjects are authenticated by UNIMAS.

- Training management in international standards: ISO 9001-2000.


International Cooperation

The IT department constantly participates in international cooperation:

- In collaboration with IBM and Microsoft Corporation in the training program.

- In cooperation with the University of Oslo in Norway in development project of health information systems using open source (Java technologies) for the Vietnam Ministry of Health with funding from the Norwegian government.

- In cooperation with the University of Newcastle in two IT bachelor programs: training programs entirely in English and conversion program modules.

- In cooperation with Finland in the students and facultyexchange program. In this program a student and a teacher was choosen to Finland to study one semester in early 2012.


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