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Join Our winning Team!

DEK  Technologies  is  a  professional  organization  that  places  high  value  on  people  and  the  individual competence  that  they  contribute.  People enjoy working at DEK.  They enjoy the team camaraderie, flexibility, opportunities for travel, and feeling part of the company's success.

Come and be proud to be an integral part of helping our international customers develop the latest products that are sold globally and used by millions of people around the world.

With  offices  situated  in  Melbourne  Australia,  Stockholm  Sweden,  Rome  Italy,  and  Ho  Chi  Minh  City Vietnam,  you  too can  be a  key  part of  our  success. 


At DEK Technologies you will find yourself in an exciting career with:

-            Attractive, competitive salary and incentives

-            Opportunities for short and long-term training/work overseas

-            An excellent working environment in developing tomorrow’s features

-            Open and honest culture where people are valued, treated fairly, trusted and  empowered

-            Training and career development opportunities

-            40 flexible working hours per week from Monday to Friday

-            English classes 3 hours a week with qualified foreign teachers???

-            Extra 24/7 Health and Accident Insurance

-            Annual health check up

-            Annual company trip

-            Annual family day

-            Sport clubs

-            Music club

-            Yoga club






















We have many new wonderful opportunities in our existing teams as well as new teams being formed for 2016 for fresh young and promising graduates.  Roles and responsibilities vary but will take part in one of these products:

-          System Software Development and Maintenance:

*      A Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), which is used by different switching applications, includes functionalities for single sided, double sided, and cluster systems.

*      A Virtual Machine (VM) which is an entity that makes it possible to run programs compiled into machine code on a platform using commercial processors. VM provides kernel functions, e.g. buffering and scheduling signals, communication functions, compiling functions, loading functions, memory allocation and management, as well as supports functionality for the RTD (Real Time Debugger).

*      Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) – a set of drivers, and Operating System Interface (OSI), providing access to functions that OS offers.


-          Component Based Architecture Middleware:

*      A high capacity / multi-servers platform to supports high availability, scalability and manageability so that the customer can reuse these functions to save time to develop their mission-critical products and accelerate their time to market.

-          LinuxOS Customization and Maintenance:

*      Develops and maintains products based on commercial Linux distributions

*      Modifying kernel to support new features.

*      Implementing new applications/services.

-          IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Network:

*      Develop and maintain the IMS core network features to manage the signalling

*      Build and configure the system environments by scripts.

*      Perform system test and feature test.

-          Continuous  Integration Support

*      Setup and enhance the automated build/test system

*      Automate test cases



If you have just graduated University with a Bachelor Degree in either Information Technology, Computer Science or a related degree with:


-          Strong IT background and fluent in at least oneprogramming language

-          Strong problem-solving skill, with a logical, analytical approach to work

-          Interested in System software and/or Embedded software

-          Proactive and positive with good communication skills

-          High team work spirit and eager to learn new technologies

Passionate to develop career in a professional and multicultural environment, email your english cv, Score transcript AND THESIS subject to:

DEK TECHNOLOGIES VIETNAM – Human Resource Department


Address:               121/137 Le Loi Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Tel:                         +84 8 39152424



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